Saturday, August 26, 2017
Registration open at 8:15am
Racing begins 9:00am
Day to be done by 3:00
See flyer for start specific start times


Big Marsh
11599 S Stony Island Ave
Chicago, Illinois


That poor cyclo-cross bike has been collecting dust ever since you decided to put it away dirty in December.  You may have been racing road all Summer and are a little sick of doing 50 laps in a parking lot.  Or maybe you've been tearing it up at Palos and Kettle.  Or making racing at the track and would like to turn left for once.  Perhaps you're one of those intrepid folks who are already winding-down from road to build for the cyclo-cross season.  Whatever your cause, there's something special about taking a perfectly good "road" bike and racing it through grass, gravel, and mud.
That's where Half Acre Cycling's CX Eliminator comes in.  It's a cyclo-cross race, but not one you've done before (unless you did this two years ago).

You may not yet be in CX-season form, but you've got a hot lap in you.  You know it.  We know it.  We see the CX Eliminator as a tune-up.  Test those legs, re-learn those remounts, maybe work on your heckles a bit.  Clean up your bike, tighten the straps on your CX shoes, and leave the thermal skinsuit at home.  It's time to remind yourself that bike racing is fun.

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  1. but trackies are always turning left...hipster nascar, go fast, turn left?